Aftercare – Microneedling

Aftercare- Microneedling (face)

What to expect following the procedure

  • Expect some redness to the area. This is completely normal. It is the inflammatory process which helps to stimulate new collagen matrix. This will subside in a few hours, but can last up to 2 days.
  • You may experience some localised bleeding and bruises or marks where the needles have punctures your skin, but this is very rare and will resolve without any need for intervention.
  • You may experience some itchiness. This is due to the release of histamines following the needle trauma. You are fine to take over the counter antihistamines. Microneedling uses no chemicals. Nothing is injected into your skin during the procedure.
  • Following the treatment, your skin may experience some dry patches and some flaking off skin. Again, this is normal. Keep your skin super hydrated following the procedure by drinking plenty of water and using hydrating skin serums and creams.
  • Avoid all retinol based serums and creams for 48 hours following Microneedling.
  • Your skin may feel tender to touch.
  • You may experience immediate tightening of the skin as the procedure immediately begins to shorted the elastin fibres in your face. This is normal.
  • You will be more sensitive to light following the procedure. This can last several days. Avoid direct sunlight during this time and apply an SPF 30+ during the day.

What to do post treatment

  • Try to leave the professional skincare products on your skin overnight that were applied during your treatment. These products are designed specifically for microneeedling procedures and contain high strength hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other hydrating agents.
  • The following morning, wash the treated area with a sensitive face wash… exfoliating please. Apply a soothing cream to hydrate. Your skin may develop dry areas in the days following treatment. Continue to drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturised.
  • Apply SPF 30+ before leaving the house. Try to avoid direct intense sunlight for 2 weeks.
  • Make up can be worn after 24 hours. Ensure it is mineral based and use clean brushes. You can resume your normal make up routine after 5 days.

Anticipated results after treatment

  • Expect initial results within a week.
  • After your first treatment, your skin often feels tighter and looks fresher.
    The increase in collagen production begins within 48 hours of treatment, but the best results are visible after 4 weeks.
  • Results will CONTINUE to improve for 3-12 months after the treatment as a whole new collagen matrix is formed within the skin.
  • Collagen induction results in the decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Depending on what area has been treated and its indication, there should be visible reduction in the appearance of scar tissue, signs of UV damage, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and skin laxity.
  • For maximum results and longevity, a course of 3 treatments (spaced 4 weeks apart) is recommended. The effects of Microneedling are not permanent. Repeating the treatment course can then be undertaken again in around 18 months to 2 years time. Your practitioner will advise you in regards to your maintenance treatment plan.